10 unusual vehicles.


Sometimes bizarre and frankly original ideas are embodied in life — as happened to these strange vehicles.

Let’s start with the means of movement that move along the rails. It will be fair, because they appeared earlier than cars.

Residents of major cities with the word Monorails will be thought of, most likely about the railway. Typically, such a rail is paired at a certain height, and a small train is suspended from below. Such transport does not require a complex and very expensive digging of tunnels, as a classic metro, but copes with traffic jams no less efficient.

The originally approached the idea with Monorail in the New Zealand Agroventure Adventure Amusement Park. Apparently, his creators hate public transport. Anyway, a monorail road with trays is built in the park, each of which is designed for one passenger. It is noteworthy that he is simultaneously the «driver» of his car, leading it in motion by twisting pedals.

It is clear what «metro» is not so much by transport as simply an attraction.

From modern transport, moving to the historical. At the end of the XIX century, William Jennings Kholman, the owner of Holman Locomotive Company, presented the general public absolutely ridiculous car. The wheels of the new locomotive stood on … wheels. Yes, the wheel rotated other wheels, just like the gear.

It is clear that such a decision only increased power loss and significantly worsened the technical characteristics of the locomotive, as well as its cost and reliability.

Mr. Hwan said that his locomotive, allegedly, is much better adapted to move on not very high-quality rails (which at that time met in the wild west, quite often). The strangest thing in all this story is that investors believed the inventor and invested a whole bunch of money to the company, and the cost of his enterprise sharply jumped.

Where in the end, the resourceful engineer is right — it is unknown. Nobody began to use the locomotives of this design, and the designer’s brainchild received the nickname «Absurd Kholman».

The view is widespread that this locomotive was originally created for fraudulent purposes.

Let’s come back in the XXI century. In addition to the usual electrospoices and gyroscurists, you can now find more exotic techniques for individual movement.

Yes, they exist. And even more: these are serial products that can be easily purchased. Moreover, they produce such «skates» different firms, and it is possible to choose products with those or other characteristics, design and cost.

From the rollers go to skates. Or, more precisely, to some «Skate and Motorcycle Hybrid» called Wheelman King. The vehicle (or entertainment) is powered by non-banal electricity, but the most real gasoline engine! The maximum speed is almost 40 km / h. King can also be bought now. Sellers promise unique sensations, the sea of ​​adrenaline and the joy of the possession of a truly original thing. Please note that before driving on this miracle, the technique is strongly recommended to undergo a duration of several weeks (this is not a joke)!

There is «in nature» and the prototype of the real self-moving chair. And he did not ababy who, but the Toyota herself. This transport is positioned as a means of movement on large homes. «Furniture», or «sliced», develops speed more than 30 km / h. The prototype was called Toyota I-Real. Prospects for its launch in a series — very foggy. Maybe it’s for the better.

Go to, perhaps, the most interesting. Let’s look at very original cars of different eras.

The idea is simple: we will make a «car» for passengers and raise to the usual tractor. This will allow to use the latter both in direct appointment and for the transport of people — and in large numbers at a time. In addition, these passengers will be further from the engine and transmission, which will make the trips somewhat more comfortable.

Attempts to use such buses were taken in various countries, but ultimately the concept was recognized as ineffective and inappropriate. Currently, such vehicles remained only in Cuba. But there is a lot of things that can be found.

This crumble was created by the famous enthusiast of Perry Watkins. The length of the machine is only 130 cm.

Compared to her, Daewoo Matiz and Kia Picanto seem real giants. Nevertheless, this vehicle is officially considered a car, it is allowed to move along the roads of the British entity, and the owner pays tax in the treasury. The maximum speed of this creation is about 65 km / h. The most difficult task for the driver Wind-Up is to accommodate inside the car.

Apparently, the creators of Neverwas Haul too literally perceived the phrase «house on wheels».

This vehicle is a car hybrid, a locomotive and a small Victorian style house. In fact, Neverwas Haul was originally built as an art object. He was made by the artist named Shannon O’Hara together with a group of enthusiasts. Nevertheless, this masterpiece is really able to move on their own. It is equipped with a steam engine and can develop a speed of 5 miles hour — not bad for real estate. There is a hybrid and something maritime: the management of the house is carried out with the help of a shipproof.

This «lunohod» was created in 1969 by an engineer from France. The name of the constructor Jean Ponchi. Monsieur Ponystroe modestly declared that he created the «car of the future.»

The «ball» has four wheels, and two leading are on the sides of the body. The engine is a two-stroke, approximately 250 cubes. The maximum speed is small — 45 km / h. But the lumen is almost 25 cm. And still L’Automodule can spectacularly «squat» to the rear wheel.

This vehicle has enjoyed good demand from photographers and took part in many advertising companies. «Ball» is still alive and in working condition.

Go to, perhaps, the most crazy idea.

Take a pair of baths and toilet, put it all on wheels and supply the V8 engine? Why not! That is exactly what, apparently, thought the creator of this hot-kind Bob Reisner. What brought the designer to such thoughts is incomprehensible. There is also no information on the technical characteristics of this strange means of movement.

But it is known that this concept car was presented at one of the exhibitions in Philadelphia in 1969 (yes, in the same as L’Automodule). Now «Vanubil» is located in the California Automotive Museum.

This vehicle is worthy of a separate mention. Immediately, we note that the project was created not for entertainment or pira, but for real use in the conditions of the metropolis loaded by traffic jams. Motherland ideas — China.

Electric bus Transit Elevated Bus

The length of the «bus-tunnel» is 22 m, and the total height is 4.8 m. Road clearance — 2 m. What will happen if such a vehicle will meet on the way an obstacle with a greater height is not entirely clear.

Anyway, one instance of the miracle bus was really built. Engineers were going to start urban tests. But first, there were problems with financing. And, secondly, according to rumors, there were still problems with copyright: perhaps the idea was stolen from one American architect.