15 thousand fine for a cigarette butt out of the window — violators will be calculated on cameras


Even a piece of paper thrown out of the car window in the near future may result in a lump sum fine for a negligent car owner.

According to Rossiyskaya Gazeta, a bill on a significant increase in penalties for garbage on the road was introduced by the Moscow Regional Duma and the Moscow City Duma, and, of course, cameras will be entrusted with monitoring the observance of the law.

From 10 to 15 thousand rubles — such a fine threatens for throwing garbage out of a car window onto the roadway or shoulder. If it was not possible to instill the rules of decent behavior the first time, the repeated «lesson» will be tougher — from 20 to 30 thousand. At the moment, the State Duma has begun collecting feedback on the new bill, but, you see, there is hardly any need to doubt its adoption.

It is noteworthy that cameras are once again at the heart of execution control. Over the past decade, so many functions have been delegated to road video surveillance systems every year that it is easier for an ordinary car enthusiast to name what they do not monitor today.

For trucks, the responsibility is even more serious: 100 thousand rubles for the first time and 150 — in case of a recurrence of the offense.

But the legislators decided not to limit themselves to fines. The project provides for the confiscation of heavy equipment from a legal entity that has disposed of garbage in the wrong place. So, if a car with a trailer, a tractor or a truck just arrived and dumped the contents of the body at the nearest forest belt, the transport can be seized. It sounds quite radical, but it seems that they don’t understand it differently.

The procedure for bringing to administrative responsibility will traditionally be simplified. No inspectors, ships, «commander, but it was not me» and other red tape. Threw it out — got a fine with a photo.

True, the very mechanism of fixing the violation process has not yet been explained — how will the camera determine that something has fallen out of the driver’s (or passenger’s) hand, and not just it was thrust out in the process of movement? It is even more difficult with the algorithm for calculating an object flying out of a window. And it is all the more doubtful that the resolution of the current road cameras will clearly record the goby flying through the window. Of course, in the case of the operator monitoring the situation, everything becomes much more obvious, but this option does not seem realistic in the conditions of modern traffic.

In general, so far there are more questions than answers. But in any case, the initiative is definitely correct. As always, the only question is that it has a real practical meaning, and not become another one-day «bogeyman» designed only to imitate the violent activity of our legislators. After all, any, even the most severe and just law, makes sense only where it is not only written and accepted amicably, but is actually implemented. Moreover, regardless of the status of the offender.