360-degree cameras on the roofs of patrol cars started working in Moscow


The introduction of smart beams on patrol cars is proceeding rapidly: in the summer, the traffic police spoke about the development, in early November, the department ordered a study on the topic «Scientifically based proposals for the use of an intelligent patrol system in traffic supervision», and now the Moscow Department of Transport is reporting the launch of a new type photo-video recording with 360-degree view on the data center machines.

The Center for Traffic Management in Moscow, in its release, does not compare its complex with smart beams that are being developed for traffic police vehicles. However, the analogy is obvious: the complex of cameras and radars «AvtoUragan-MS» and «Cyber-Sheriff» is mounted in a beam with special signals on the roof of a patrol car. The system has a 360-degree view. It is assumed that while the patrol car is moving, the complex will be on the move to calculate violators.

At the first stage, the complex will record speeding, in the long term — control of traffic on bus lanes and roadsides, violation of parking rules and search for stolen cars.

In general, the functionality is the same as for police cars. Perhaps the introduction