A car without special stages: which options should be discarded


I will hardly be mistaken if I assume that you do not use absolutely all the possibilities of completing your car. Moreover, the overwhelming majority buy a car from the dealer’s stock, and there is not much time for a choice. A dozen, maximum two, complete sets — this is a typical set of those clones that flaunt on the virtual showcase of the official representation of any brand. And today I propose to dream about what we would not like to overpay for when buying a car. Or maybe for some it will also have a practical meaning.

Of course, there is a considerable percentage of buyers who do not intend to put up with such a situation. They are ready to wait for months, to throw in arrogant dealers hundreds of thousands of rubles of rent in excess of the agreed price and still wait for exactly the car they want to see. Such people should be given respect for their patience and perseverance, but let’s be frank — most are not used to bothering and take from what they have.

But do not rush to throw tomatoes! Of course, any automation and unloading the driver from a petty routine is great. But even such a device that has seemingly been worked out for a couple of decades as a rain sensor still causes gossip on dozens of forum pages. And I give you my word, it’s for a reason.

If on one machine the sensor works almost flawlessly, then for another the only desire that it causes is to change it to a mechanical lever for changing the intervals as soon as possible. And to deal with the speed of the «wipers» in the old fashioned way, manually.

If you enter into the search line «disabling the VW rain sensor» (Toyota, Skoda, Mercedes — enter the necessary one), you can make sure that the problem is not taken from the ceiling by the author.

In addition, for sure, many owners of a more or less modern car will agree that even if the sensor works out most of the time, then at one fine moment its behavior cannot be called anything other than random. Here he was waving his brushes for all he could, barely noticing the first drops on the glass. But the oncoming car poured water on you — and the wonder device had exactly zero reaction to the completely flooded wind turbine …

In general, unfortunately, this item can be safely deleted from the list of uniquely useful ones.

And again, the most important clarification. If your car is equipped with a system for opening the fifth door «from foot», by the sensor under the rear bumper — bingo! It really makes sense when you come to the rear of the car with 6 bags in your hands (families will understand, and in working matters, many are relevant).

However, if during the purchase you «did not pay a little extra», and the generous manufacturer nevertheless equipped your pet with servomotors instead of gas stops, do not rush to rejoice. After all, you will have to open and close the trunk in exactly the same way as you did on simpler cars: by pressing a button on the key fob, in the cabin or directly on the trunk lid. There seems to be no difference, but now, driven by electric motors, the fifth door reveals to you the secrets of the container much more slowly. So much so that while standing in the pouring rain with the same bags, I want to literally push it with my hand, so that it will open as soon as possible. Therefore, an electric drive only makes sense when it is completely hands-free.

Let’s refrain from jokes about blondes that have set the teeth on edge, but the driver is really obliged to be able to turn the steering wheel in the right direction. Regardless of gender and experience. And let the process of squeezing between cars take at least ten times longer for a beginner than for an experienced taxi driver, he will do it himself. He will do and remember for the rest of his life, even if not right away. Motor memory, you know, is a great thing. It is not for nothing that we all know from childhood the proverb about the ability to ride a bicycle.

With parking, a sense of size and the car in general — exactly the same. And even though today electric vehicles with autopilots are developing with might and main, it is too early to completely surrender everything to automation. And in our Russian realities, this is «early» and may even last for another good couple of decades.

Approximately from the same opera as the previous paragraph. Do not take it for grumbling, but if earlier in driving schools the habit of twisting your head was instilled from the first minutes of training, now the instructors themselves often do not have such a reflex. And it’s very in vain. You can say as long as you like that the mirrors have become larger and now you can see everything in them, but the road accident according to clause 9.10 of the SDA («non-observance of the distance and lateral interval») stubbornly does not want to leave the statistics. And no, even the most advanced sensors are able to protect you from obstacles in the form of a motorcycle flying between the rows (for example). So you marked it somewhere on the horizon behind, so you assessed the situation, turned on the turn signal, made sure that the light on the mirror was off, and began to rebuild. And the two-wheeled racer, here he is — has already materialized nearby and struck you on the bochin … It is even more critical to turn your head at sharp turns with several lanes (for example, these are ramps / entrances to an overpass).

And one more nuance — in a number of models, mainly in the mass segment, of course, blind spot monitoring systems are so «diligent» that they signal obstacles with or without reason. Than quickly increase the driver’s tolerance to warnings and as a result become meaningless — they stop paying attention.

In short, progress is progress, and electronics are not omnipotent and no one removed the responsibility to be attentive from the driver.

And here it is no longer a matter of atrophying driving skills, but of the harsh realities of our life. Despite the assurances of those in power, repeated as mantras for decades about the innumerable cash injections into the roads, road marking (like asphalt) is still an exclusively seasonal phenomenon. Even in big cities. Moreover, on a good half of the endless Russian asphalt mileage, it is not corny to be applied. As the saying goes, «just because.»

And in such conditions, sleek bourgeois technology simply goes blind. Often, even the most premium cars, when this function is activated, begins to fever and throw in different directions — the optics simply do not recognize our faded, and now and then disappearing intermittent. There is no need to talk about the cold season, when even travel roads sometimes turn into winter roads for weeks.

Of course, what has been said does not apply to cities and regions where the roads are more or less monitored. But nevertheless, in this article we describe the general situation, and with the roads, this is clearly not ideal.

But the really necessary and very convenient options are often lacking. The trouble is that most automakers form a complete set of their models with so-called «packages». One package includes a certain set of options, which,

For example, the Winter 1 package might include heated front seats, mirrors and windscreen. And the «winter 2» contains heating for the rear sofa, an additional stove and a pre-heater. Thus, if you want to get heating of the frontal and rear sofa at once, you either need to pay for both two packages (despite the fact that you do not need a prestart for free), or, again, select a complete set to order. That in the current situation is akin to playing thimbles with a petty fraudster: you will still lose, the only question is how much you are cheated.

But since we first decided to take the ideal option, where we can choose everything on our own and without overpayments, we will also describe some interesting «usefulness» of modern configurations.

The one that you can often get only among other, completely unnecessary chips to you. And, nevertheless, whoever has ever experienced what it is like to press a button, and after 2-5 minutes just brush off the ice that has melted on the glass with windshield wipers, they will order this option on the next car by all means.

It may seem like a whim, but again, this is from a series of good things that you get used to instantly and in the future it is very difficult to give up. As in the first case, the usefulness of this option is determined by our climate. If the car does not live exclusively in a warm garage all year round, it is difficult to overestimate the heated steering wheel. After all the manipulations with clearing the ice machine from snow, even with gloves, sitting down and grabbing the warm steering wheel with your stiff fingers is priceless.

Unlike our unpredictable road markings, vehicles are usually not suddenly out of sight. Therefore, adaptive cruise is a function that has long been proven to be effective even in the harsh Russian road conditions. Modern systems of keeping the distance have long learned not only to adjust to the speed of the vehicle in front, but also to work out to a complete stop, followed by a start after the «leader». On a long voyage or on a routine trip to work, this function is always really convenient. However, in the city far from the pedals, it’s still better not to remove your feet.

Their device is as old as the world, and the price is cheap. And, nevertheless, these little helpers do not lose their relevance even on the coolest cars with a bunch of cameras and radars in a circle. In addition, in certain conditions, parking «by touch» by the sound of ultrasonic sensors is preferable to the camera. For example, if it is a clear sunny winter day. Even modern factory cameras, like screens, in most cases do not impress with the quality of the picture. And as you unfold in some unfamiliar suburban village, you will see nothing on the screen except a screen filled with «milk». This means that there is every chance of damaging the delicate plastic body kit of the car on the ice parapet or some stump sprinkled with snow. For parking sensors, the weather conditions do not matter at all: if there is an obstacle, there will be sound.

Of course, today’s article is not some kind of full-fledged guide to bundles, and everyone’s preferences are different. But it aims to draw the attention of a respected reader to the functionality received when buying a new car.

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