A new Range Rover has begun to be sold in Russia: the price has surprised!


Almost two weeks after

The shocking price is explained by the long base, the top-end V8 4.4 petrol engine (530 forces, 750 Nm), an impressive list of options (there are 23-inch wheels, a panoramic roof, a refrigerator in the armrest and a towing hitch), but, if you look at it, for a fabulous amount offer far from the maximum configuration.

Firstly, the HSE version served as the basis (there are more expensive Autobiography versions and individual assemblies from SV Bespoke), and secondly, the salon is designed for seven people, while the most expensive Range Rover can accommodate only four. Finally, for more than 34 million rubles, neither a two-tone body nor Signature Suite seats with ottomans and massage is offered!

The Land Rover dealership answered Matador.Tech’s inquiry that the ruble prices for the new Range Rover are unknown, and the British office has not yet provided any information on price lists for our market, although Russian prices should appear by the end of November. At the same time, the offer for 34 357 000 rubles is in no hurry to be considered a fake, even though the most equipped Range Rover SV Autobiography Long of the outgoing generation costs no more than 20 million rubles.

The fact is that the official sales of the «fifth» Range Rover in Russia will begin no earlier than the spring of 2022, while the first European customers will receive the novelty this winter. For 34 million rubles, a Russian buyer will probably buy a car with a handicap of several months, and the overpriced is explained by the exclusivity of the offer and difficulties in importing. Some Russians are ready to pay for exclusivity — for example, a year and a half ago they appeared on sale in our country

Now everyone will understand