About Kia Sportage of American assembly, which will be sold in Russia


Following the premieres

The almost five-month delay relative to the global premiere is partly due to localization:

From him — and uncontested power unit, consisting of an atmospheric 2.5-liter engine, producing 190 hp in the American specification, and an eight-speed «automatic». The basic drive is, of course, front, you will have to pay extra for the rear wheel coupling.

On the other hand, an original off-road version of the X-Pro was prepared for the Americans, which would also be useful to us. It has the usual all-wheel drive transmission, but the ride electronics has an additional mode for driving on snow, the 17-inch wheels are shod with “toothy” tires that increase the ground clearance by one and a half inches (38 mm), and the specially designed bumpers slightly increase the angles of entry and exit.

A kind of antipode to the X-Pro — the X-Line version with 19-inch wheels, a sports body kit and the corresponding interior decor, but here the Americans are not original: the Korean Sportage has a similar version. By the way, as in the historical homeland, only a long-wheelbase modification of the crossover will be available in the United States, and it is most likely that it will come to us, because it is also related