All UAZ vehicles will be switched to batteries


At a conference in NAMI, the management of UAZ revealed some details of the recently promised electrification. Now it became clear why the electric Hunter has such a strange design.

Recall that a month and a half ago, Ulyanovsk residents demonstrated their first

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The main question, as usual, is the price: it is unlikely that it will turn out to be such that the owners of the old «goats» will start throwing out gasoline engines in droves. In this regard, UAZ most likely makes sense to rely on the vehicle fleets of government agencies, which will have their own charging stations and there will be no strict requirements for autonomy: the Hunter’s mileage on one charge of a 62 kWh battery is 240 kilometers. And in the broader sense, the electrification plan seems to mean that we will not see fundamentally new models, like the notorious «Russian Prado», because the plant refused even to develop a hybrid version of Profi.

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