Amazing parking lots in the world.


Have you arrived home and all the parking spaces are occupied again? Try to see a drop of positive. The farther from home you park the car, the more you walk, pump your heart and stretch your muscles. As you walk, think about what kind of parking lot you would build near your house — beautiful or roomy? In the meantime, we will tell you how this issue is resolved in other countries.

Of course, when it comes to mass parking, there is no time for excesses. Constructing with minimal costs, providing more space is the main task of the architect. But there are cities on the planet where parking lots are real art objects that attract attention and cause at least surprise.


This fabulous parking lot in Switzerland takes us back to Middle-earth, where in the Shire the hobbits make their cozy homes under the hills. If the hobbit had a car, then the garage for him would look exactly like this: on one side of the hill — the entrance to the garage, on the other — a panoramic window so that everyone can see how cool you have arranged your underground car lair.

Windows from ceiling to floor so that the machine does not get bored

A bit of glass, a bit of concrete and a lot, a lot of greenery is a modern eco-trend that more and more architects are striving for today.

“Today I parked in the orchestra,” any Detroit resident can say using the services of this parking lot. In the 20-30s of the last century, Detroit was the main automotive capital of the United States. Everything here was tied to motors, and money poured into the city like a river.

Parking Michigan Building Car Park, Detroit, United States

At this time, the most luxurious buildings are being built here, among which is the Michigan Opera House, which resembles Renaissance palaces — with columns, carvings, gilding, and frescoes. Half a century later, the city began to empty, a crisis began.

The view is, of course, post-apocalyptic

The theater building was empty for a long time, but then enterprising owners opened a parking lot here.

Parking Autostadt, Germany, Wolfsburg

View from the top floor of the tower

Automobile concerns love to show off their latest developments and futuristic things. So Volkswagen in its Autostadt technology park has done everything to surprise motorists. What are two sixteen-story parking lots for new cars ready for sale!

The height of each tower is 48 meters

Before Volkswagen came here, farmers stored livestock silos in these towers. And now, take a look — there are brand new cars.

Cars come here directly from the conveyor on a special robotic elevator. The delivery process looks like in a fantastic movie about the future.

Parking Parc des célestins, France

A huge parking lot right in the historic city center? The French architects were not afraid of this task. In 1994, in Lyon, they built a giant parking «well» underground, right under the central square. The depth of the structure is over 20 meters.

Neither the authorities nor the architects were looking for simple ways, so they came up with another problem: the parking lot had to be lit in a natural way, without lamps. What? Full depth? Exactly. For this, a specular lighting system was thought out — rotating mirrors gently scatter natural light coming from above.

The multi-storey parking on Akademika Korolev Street in Moscow does not overwhelm the imagination with its shapes and sizes. However, this is the first automated parking in the country.

Russia, Moscow, parking of TTC «Ostankino»

A large glass cube on an area of one hundred squares was erected in record time — in a month. The fact is that structures with this type of construction are manufactured at the factory and are bolted on site, without any welding. The parking lot can accommodate up to 35 cars. Someone might say that the design is not suitable for Russia, they say, snow will accumulate on the roof and push it through. But the engineers have prudently built heating elements into the roof. This fragile at first glance structure can be operated at -35 degrees.

The main feature is the lifting mechanism, with the help of which the machines are lifted into place.

Cool, but Volkswagen is still a long way away …

This is an invisible parking that any owner of a country house can arrange for himself. If, for example, you do not want the garage to spoil the landscape design with its appearance, hide it underground.

We arrived home, called the elevator, parked the car and … sent her to rest in a cozy mink garage.

That’s all, now there is a lot of free space on the territory

The Japanese who bought a living space in Tokyo, in the building of KRE House, have the opportunity to land their «swallow» right in the «nest». There is an underground garage in the basement of the high-rise building.

Parking at KRE House, Japan, Tokyo

With the help of the lift, the car rises directly to the apartment

Which parking option did you like the most?