Armored car for the president


The French President switched to a Citroen armored car with a 1.6 engine.

«Daughter» of Citroen — premium brand DS — showed the new car of the President of France. In 2017, footage of the inauguration of Emmanuel Macron flew around the world, in which the newly elected Supreme Commander greets the French, leaning out of the hatch of the DS 7 Crossback crossover. Then many were surprised that the ceremonial car was not armored and outwardly almost did not differ from the usual «sevens», but only now Stellantis prepared a protected version.

The basis was again the DS 7 Crossback in the hybrid top version of the Elysee, and this choice is not accidental, because the flagship DS 9 sedan is produced in China and cannot be considered native French. For Emmanuel Macron, the car was «stretched» by twenty centimeters — the wheelbase increased to 2938 millimeters, and the total length reached 4790 millimeters. Stellantis’ Press Office shared a comparison photo of the two DS7 Crossbacks (Presidential versus Regular), and it will be difficult for a layman to tell the difference.

However, in reality, the lengthening of the tailgate is not the main innovation. For the French leader, the DS 7 Crossback has been booked, as indicated by the thick-rimmed glasses and homologated non-branded tires. Other features include red and blue strobe lights behind the grille and windshield, flagpoles in the front fenders, special anthracite 20-inch wheels, a special communications antenna, and a redesigned interior.

Usually, the interiors of the cars of the leaders of states are classified, and it is impossible for an outsider to find out how the limousine of Putin, Biden or Xi Jinping looks from the inside. Stellantis did show the interior of the presidential DS 7 Crossback, however, and there isn’t much luxury.

For Emmanuel Macron, they prepared multicontour armchairs with heating, ventilation and an electric drive, in the center — a touch control panel, and in front of the president and his counterpart tablet computers. There are almost 55 centimeters of headroom in front of the legs, there are additional lighting units, USB connectors, document holders, the seats are covered with good-quality leather, and the ceiling is black suede, but the DS does not offer anything supernatural. The decor is discreet: embossed and engraved RF (République Française) and blue-white-red tricolors, reminiscent of the fifth republic

The main characteristics of the DS 7 Crossback for the first person are kept secret (the curb weight and the degree of ballistic protection are unknown), but it is no secret that the crossover armored car relies on a conventional E-Tense 4×4 power plant based on the 1.6 petrol turbo four. This means that there is no mechanical all-wheel drive, the rear axle, if necessary, is connected by an electric motor, traction to the front wheels is transmitted through an 8-speed «automatic», and the peak power of the three-engine system is only 300 horsepower and 450 Nm. On electric traction, an armored car can hardly travel more than 40 kilometers, and the armor class is clearly low — the DS 7 Crossback will withstand a pistol fire at best.

Emmanuel Macron drove his new car for the first time at a ceremony marking the 103rd anniversary of the end of the First World War. The French will clearly approve of the choice of their leader, and even the opponents of the incumbent president have few trump cards. The fact is that the DS 7 Crossback armored car is several times cheaper than the protected (but at the same time serial) Audi A8L Security Angela Merkel, and the special vehicles of the heads of China, the United States or Russia are completely created according to the canons of military equipment, and the cost of Hongqi, General Motors and Aurus limousines