AvtoVAZ stopped sales of three-door Niva Legend, five-door — next in line


The Volzhsky Automobile Plant has stopped sales of the three-door Lada Niva Legend, according to the Togliatti public «Atypical AvtoVAZ». Official dealers of Lada put on a pause accepting applications for the classic «Niva», because due to the microchip crisis, supplies do not keep up with demand. According to insiders, the plant has just started working on September orders, that is, production is almost two months late.

An unpleasant situation has arisen due to a shortage of semiconductors — a shortage of electronic components has repeatedly led to a stop of the conveyor, and now a non-working week has been introduced in the Samara region, which only aggravates the situation. Forecasts are disappointing: it will be possible to re-order the three-door Lada Niva Legend in December, at best, but for now customers will either have to pay extra for the five-door SUVs Niva Legend and Niva Travel, or agree to the cars available from dealers with additional options.

After October (sixth from the beginning of the year)

Probably, from January 2022, only the three-door Niva Legend (the successor to the VAZ-2121) and the five-door Niva Travel (the successor to the VAZ-2123 or Chevrolet Niva) will remain in the Lada lineup. But the range of versions of the classic «Niva» will be expanded by one and a half times — from the current four to six configurations. However, the touchscreen is similar to

Note that the press service of Lada does not comment on the rumors related to the release of the classic «Niv» in any way. Both SUVs are still available on the official website of the brand, and nothing indicates a disruption in deliveries and a shortage of Lada Niva Legend at dealers.