Best low-cost car in the European market


The list of finalists for the annual competition has been announced, during which the best low-cost car on the European market is determined. Alas, none of the six models is presented here.

A strange situation — we will not get another budget «car of the year», but at the same time, there is a representative of Russia in the jury that will choose it (this is Peter Menshikh, one of the masters of domestic automotive journalism). However, one well-known car in the six finalists seems to be present, but the crossover

The second model, claiming the title of Autobest 2022, is also relevant to us, but even more indirectly. The budget electric car Dacia Spring is, in fact, an electrified and slightly redesigned version of the small Renault Kwid crossover, the design of which was developed by the current chief designer of Lada, Jean-Philippe Salar. At that time, he was still working in the Indian division of Renault, and Kwid was presented in the spring of 2015 by none other than Carlos Ghosn, now deposed from all high posts and convicted in absentia … But this is a completely different story, the main thing is what is before us a novelty of second freshness, and therefore the people’s electric car will hardly be able to bring the Romanian brand the third Autobest title, after the Logan (2004) and Duster (2011) models.

Speaking of champions, Opel has the largest number of awards in the competition, as many as four. The fifth may well bring

But this time, «Mokka» has worthy competitors in the face of similar crossovers Hyundai Bayon and Toyota Yaris Cross: they all have a fresh design, three-cylinder base engines and advanced electronic filling. Plus, only front-wheel drive is a common design feature of all six title contenders.

The only current finalist not pretending to be an SUV is the new Skoda Fabia. This is the closest relative of the 2017 Volkswagen Polo hatchback, but larger and more practical in Czech.

Two years ago, the Skoda Kamiq crossover, built on the same MQB-A0 platform, was able to take only third place in this competition, and therefore the Fabia’s chances of winning do not look very convincing. Unless the jury remembers that back in 2001, it was the Fabia of the corresponding generation that became the first ever Autobest winner.