Brembo has developed innovative brakes, brake fluid may not be needed


A leading manufacturer of brake components has developed innovative brakes with no direct pedal-to-pad connection. Brake fluid may be unnecessary.

The idea of ​​control by wire is hardly revolutionary: for example, in production cars of Infiniti, the steering system works according to this principle. Brembo proposes replacing some of the hydraulics with electric drives, if we are talking about models with traditional brakes, or completely abandoning it in the presence of electromechanical calipers. In addition to eliminating the need to monitor the state of the line and the level of brake fluid, which must also be changed from time to time, this promises to save weight and increase braking efficiency. Indeed, in a system called Sensify, the braking force in each of the four mechanisms (or more, when it is a multi-axle truck) is controlled by the control unit, taking into account many parameters: adhesion coefficient, speed, direction of movement, wheel load, etc.

The system, which consists of electronics, electro-hydraulic actuators and a reverse-acting pedal assembly, has already been tested, the manufacturer claims. It has demonstrated high performance and flexibility, significantly shortening the braking distance on slippery surfaces and completely replacing the usual ABS and ESP in terms of maintaining control. Brembo assures potential customers of the complete reliability of Sensify, listing the benefits: reduced pad wear by reducing unnecessary friction while driving, and increased fuel efficiency, and the ability to program the system to periodically dry the brakes in rainy weather. The novelty is especially relevant for electric vehicles, but it can also be used on traditional cars, both passenger cars and commercial ones. It seems that only manufacturers and sellers of brake fluid will lose from the implementation of Sensify.