Buying a GSM signaling system — what is most important and how to save money


GSM alarms cost more than other anti-theft devices. What should you look for when buying so that your money is not wasted?

GSM systems are the latest generation of signaling devices, a real technological breakthrough. They became widespread after the introduction of cellular communications everywhere. Before that, devices were used that transmit data via radio channels or via satellite.

The GSM system sends a signal to the smartphone, which allows you to control the car from a great distance from it. In addition, data transmitted over a GSM channel is almost impossible to scan, unlike a radio signal. This means that the hijacker will not be able to intercept the door opening code.

IMPORTANT! Cellular communication channels are the most reliable in modern cities. They are not hindered by multi-storey buildings, a large amount of reinforced concrete, power lines. Even if you are in the metro, the GSM system will work and notify you about the location and condition of the transport.

A two-way car alarm using GSM technology can also remotely start, turn off and block the engine, turn on and off the air conditioner and headlights, adjust the shape of the seat to the owner, and much more. In general, in addition to security, telematics is also relevant today.

You should clearly define what features are needed and what will be superfluous, and not overpay for features that you will not use. Practice shows that the most popular and useful are the following options:

For many, the option of protection against violent seizure of a car (Anti Hijack) is relevant. She blocks the car after the robbery. For the function to work, you need to press the key before giving up the key fob. The robbers will drive away, but soon the engine will stall, the starter will be blocked and an alarm will be triggered. The intruders will have to leave the car so as not to draw attention to themselves and not talk to the police who have arrived.

So that expenses are not in vain, choose an alarm system with the functionality you personally need and full service.

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