Cameras have learned to fix cars between lanes


“You have asked us about this many times,” — with this phrase the Moscow Department of Transport began a release about the new function of road cameras. Now the photo complexes are recording cars and motorcycles (!) That travel between the lanes.

The first camera, recording the passage between the lanes, works in the southeast of the city — at the 157th house on Lyublinskaya Street towards the center. As usual, after the test period, the new function will be activated on other city cameras, and later the practice will probably spread to other regions of the Russian Federation.

When driving along a dividing strip or a refueling lane, which are allocated for safety lanes for public transport or pedestrians, the driver violates clause 9.7 of the traffic rules of the Russian Federation. It is considered a violation directly to move between lanes with an exit to the dividing line. For this in Moscow, a fine of 1,500 rubles is imposed.

Driving along the dividing line is dangerous in that it deprives other cars of the lateral spacing and room for maneuver in a dangerous situation, disrupts the order of movement along the lanes.

The algorithm of the camera is as follows — the complex takes several pictures, the AI draws on them the trajectory of the vehicle.

The public, as usual, is already worried about the new functionality — primarily because of the motorcyclists who are deprived of the opportunity to maneuver between the lanes. Many drivers who are used to squeezing through the markings will also be unhappy.

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