Car market in October: the Chinese are advancing, electric vehicles are approaching


The Association of European Businesses summed up the results of new car sales over the past month: for the first time, there were three crossovers from China on the list of 25 bestsellers.

It is not the first month that the situation in the car market reflects not so much the real demand for certain models, as the effectiveness of manufacturers’ actions in attempts to overcome the crisis in the supply of components. Judging by the statistics, the brands that are part of the Renault-Nissan alliance have been particularly successful in this:

The Japanese climbed mainly due to crossovers.

Let’s not forget that this alliance also includes Lada, the leader of our car market, and largely thanks to it, this very market has grown by 5.6 percent compared to September. After all, the total sales of VAZ models jumped almost one and a half times, and

The second and third places in the ranking of brands are still occupied by Kia and Hyundai, but the Koreans sank 6 and 3 percent, respectively.

By the way, Toyota moved down from the fourth place to the fifth, letting Renault pass ahead and showing a 15% decline after the September breakthrough.

The one who was unlucky in October was Volkswagen, which dropped from fifth place to ninth among brands. This happened, obviously, due to problems at the Kaluga plant, since Volkswagen lost 39 percent, while its sister Skoda, which also has a site in Nizhny Novgorod, only 13%. However, of the models of the German-Czech tandem, only Kaluga remained in the «top 25»

But a holy place is never empty: the retired crossovers were replaced by others, and entirely Chinese. If

Since the beginning of the year, 845 new electric cars have been purchased. Their share is still small, but the dynamics are good — plus 118%. There are more and more offers on the market, and not only in the premium segment. Infrastructure is also developing: the Matador.Tech test showed that it is quite possible to drive an electric car not only in Moscow with its free charges and parking, but also in the regions (Tver and the surrounding area) and on the intercity highway. A significant «discount» from the state in the form of zero import duties, which, however, may soon be canceled, also plays a positive role in the growth of demand.

It is very interesting to assess the trend: