Cheap 3-liter crossover Aston Martin


Just a year and a half ago Aston Martin showed

The Mercedesian Aston Martin model is a DBX crossover, because the oscidence is unified by engine and transmission with Mercedes-Benz Gle — it is not surprising that the hybrid power installation also decided to try on it. The premiere of gasoline-electric DBX took place in China, and the novelty became the first six Cylindrian Aston Martin in the new century!

The «Junior» Aston Martin DBX called Straight Six, and the name speaks for itself — under the hood in a row «Sixer». Last time, the engines of such architecture were put on DB7 dvk7 in the 1990s, but there were aggregates of their own development (3.23 liters, 340 horsepower, 489 nm). And now Aston Martin DBX Straight Six literally repeats the «fifty-third» models of Mercedes-AMG.

The power plant consists of a 3.0-liter gasoline engine M 256 with an electric supercharger and two turbocharger. Peak power is the same 435 horsepower and 520 nm as on Mercedes-AMG GLE 53, and additional 22 horsepower and 250 nm can add 48-volt starter generator with intensive acceleration.

The transmission is exactly the same as «Mercedes»: the thrust is transmitted through a 9-speed «AMG SPEEDSHIFT» automatic machine, the front axle is connected to the coupling, there is an active rear differential. Similar and suspension — active transverse stability stabilizers are eaten from a 48-volt electrical system, there are adaptive shock absorbers and pneumatic resistant.

It is not surprising that on the dynamics of the six-cylinder Aston Martin DBX close to the technically identical AMG GLE 53 — overclocking up to 100 km / h at the British crossover takes 5.4 seconds (+ 0.1 seconds to AMG GLE 53), and the maximum speed reaches 259 km / h (AMG GLE 53 is limited to 250 km / h).

Distinguish the novelty from the eight-cylinder fellow not easy. Straight Six names appeared on the front wings, the air intakes were changed on the hood, and 21-inch discs were added to the gamma, although 22-inch wheels are available for extra charge. Nothing changed in the cabin, and there is no restrictions on the degree of personalization for buyers of 3.0-liter Aston Martin DBX.

For whom is the «younger» version? The answer to this question gives the debut of the novelty — the presentation of Aston Martin DBX Straight Six passed in China. In the subnet for cars with engines with a working volume of over 2.0 liters, taxes are seriously increasing, and, starting from a 3.0 liter mark, the fees become draconse. All automakers are forced to reckon with local laws, and now Mercedes-Benz

However, the geography of sales may not limit the China. The fact is that in the Criminal Hex Cylinder Aston Martin DBX fell immediately by 20% — the novelty was estimated at 1,898,000 yuan (297.5 thousand dollars or 21.7 million rubles). There is a DBX Straight Six and another advantage — a hybrid of an eco-friendly basic version with a V8 M 177 engine, which can be useful in the European market. However, in the near future will be released

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