Crashing and taxis services will be accessed by drivers biometrics.


From March 1, 2022, according to Regulation No. 1815 of 23.10.2021, taxi services and short-term car rentals will be able to use biometric indicators to identify drivers and their authentication when accessing car management.

To this end, since 2022, the Ministry of Media will open to all the wishing non-financial organizations the opportunity to accredited to use biometric systems in their services. The applicant will be obliged to comply with a number of requirements that guarantee the information security of reading systems provided by drivers. Observation of the relevant standards will be carried out by state supervision. It is assumed that this may be, for example, the recognition systems of different drivers, alternately using the same taxi service.

And in CARCHERING, access via biometrics can contribute to the control that the driver is precisely indicated in the order, and not another person who can not have a driver’s license. Such cases in today’s captcharing practice are far from one.

Experts surveyed by the Russian Newspaper, the innovation was rated in different ways. In the all-Russian movement of passengers, it is believed that the measure will actually increase the safety of motion, especially in the field of car rental. But all this will make sense only when saving existing tarifications. In the «blue buckets» it is believed that it is «excessive and little related to security.»

The Ministry of Media focuses on the fact that the innovation is not mandatory for execution, but only opens up new opportunities for organizations. Nevertheless, a lot of such government initiatives inevitably comes to memory, which also initially introduced in the field of automotive movement as voluntary. The most recent example is the favorite ERA-GLONASS system. At the dawn of her appearance, motorists gave abnormal promises that the installation would in any way affect the cost of the car and will definitely not be used to track the movement or parameter of the car. However, a month and a half ago there was a hotly discussed news about the coming system of «AvtoDAT» based on ERA-GLONASS — which will track key car parameters, including location, every minute. Therefore, the question of who will eventually pay the «banquet with biometry» remains open.

And, of course, the second aspect is cybersecurity. In Darknet, databases of drivers for sale regularly appear due to holes in safety systems — the last leakage