Details about the new Range Rover: exterior, interior, engines and prices


Land Rover’s premier flagship was spoiled by an unplanned data breach.

Land Rover prepares to premiere fifth-generation Range Rover SUV — the day before

The revolution did not happen: the Land Rover stylists retained the recognizable silhouette with a high sill line, characteristic headlights, imitation of air intakes on the doors and a solid rear overhang. However, despite the generally conservative approach, there are many differences. For example, the door handles are now retractable a la Range Rover Velar and Range Rover Evoque, panoramic glazing, which, together with a two-tone paint, creates the effect of a «floating» roof; the hood has become visually thinner, and on the roof — two «shark fins» instead of one. The design of the stern is impressive — the vertical lights, like on the early Lincolns, are very compact, but the traditional composite fifth door with a lifting glass and a tailgate remains. However, the new Range Rover has no imitation exhaust: the tailpipes are brought out from below, even on the top version with the SVAutobiography nameplate.

As before, Range Rover will be available in two wheelbases — the Long version has a longer tailgate, but the overhangs are the same. There is no information on the overall dimensions, but it looks like the difference is the same 200 millimeters. You can distinguish the configurations by the texture of the Range Rover lettering on the bonnet, the design of the radiator grille, the design of the rims and the special decor, moreover, on almost all demonstration SUVs there are no nameplates with the modification designation.

The interior is as discreet as possible, and the inside of the Range Rover is unimaginable. There was an original four-spoke steering wheel with «rockers» and a different arrangement of the touch keys; If the current Range Rover has a climate control unit with a separate touchscreen, then on the new SUV all visualization is entrusted to the PiviPro tablet on the front panel. By modern standards, the diagonal is small — no more than 15 inches — but hot keys are concentrated around the edge, which will allow you to quickly switch between menus. Conservatives will love the temperature setting washers and the traditional power seat buttons on the door cards.

Range Rover is known to be moving to a new modular platform MLA (Modular Longitudinal Architecture), so despite the visual similarity, the technique will be completely different. However, the longitudinal arrangement of the engine will remain, but the rate on MLA will allow offering a wide range of hybrids, and by 2024 — even an all-electric Range Rover.

However, at the start of sales, the SUV will be offered with in-line four- and six-cylinder turbo engines of the Ingenium family. The basic version of the D250 with a diesel six-cylinder engine will develop 250 horsepower, the family will retain more powerful modifications of the D300 and D350 on «heavy» fuel, and the gasoline lineup will consist of the P400e and P500e plug-in hybrids. The top version of the P530 stands apart — it will receive a V8 gasoline engine, and according to insiders it will not be a 5.0-liter engine with a supercharged drive, but a 4.4 biturbo-eight, familiar from BMW.

As for prices, in France, a short-wheelbase diesel Range Rover SE of the fifth generation in the performance of D250 will cost 122,600 euros (10.1 million rubles). For comparison, now the prices for Range Rover start at 109 thousand euros (9.0 million rubles), that is, the increase will be at least 12.4%. Richly equipped SUVs will get more expensive: the long-wheelbase Range Rover P530 with a V8 engine is priced at 173,700 euros (14.35 million rubles), while now the Range Rover Vogue Long V8 can be bought for 135,600 euros (11.2 million rubles), which means rise in price reaches 28%.

Photos are taken from open sources.

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