Dopa on Lada has become a prerequisite for sale.


You cannot buy a car without specials in Russia now — dealers impose them without constraint, and manufacturers know about it. AvtoVAZ went further and not only silently approved the overestimated price tags, but also decided to regulate the mandatory installation of optional equipment from November 15.

As found out «Vedomosti», dealers received an order not to sell Lada without additional equipment. Car dealerships are required to buy accessories at the plant and install them on cars. As a result, the cost of the car for the buyer will increase by 8000-30,000 rubles (and it is necessary to think, it is at best). «The dealer will earn from 2500 to 7000 rubles. From this amount, «reported» Vedomosti «with reference to the source in the auto show.

The list of mandatory additional equipment will include familiar things to all buyers: mats in the salon and trunk, door deflectors, moldings for the body, engine protection, hood shock absorbers, mudguards — according to overestimated «branded» price tags. «Set of motorist» with a fire extinguisher, a cable and an emergency stop sign at a price of 2467 rubles, it became obligatory even earlier.

At the same time, due to the shortage of chips, new «Lada», like a number of other cars, fall to buyers without more important functions — the ERA-GLONASS systems, a multifunctional steering wheel, a regular multimedia and cruise control.

AvtoVAZ cars went up six times for the current year. From October 18, the entire Lada line has become more expensive on average by 11.3 thousand rubles, and the weighted average price of passengers from Tolyatti reached a plank in one million rubles. Compared to December last year, some cars rose by 20%!

Difficult year what can be done.