Drivers got real fines for drifting on the roads


Video recordings on the Internet helped to calculate the «pilots».

According to the press service of the State Traffic Inspectorate with reference to the official representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia Irina Volk, several Moscow drivers received fines for driving with elements of a controlled drift on public roads.

Video recordings on the Internet helped to calculate the «pilots». As noted in the message, one of the drivers repeatedly made a U-turn in a skid through a solid line of markings, and then completely drove onto the sidewalk, thus creating a danger to pedestrians. As a result, homegrown racers received an administrative fine under several articles of the administrative code.

The second reckless driver in Zelenograd near Moscow was completely detained, caught red-handed. He made dangerous maneuvers in a car in the pedestrian zone. He was also attracted on several charges at once, such as violation of the requirements for markings, road signs and driving on the sidewalk.

Let us also recall the term «dangerous driving» suitable for such actions. The concept itself was introduced into the SDA back in 2016 and even received a quite clear (albeit long) definition. But to this day, it is impossible to fine on this point — there is no corresponding administrative and legal base. But just a few days ago it became known that the Ministry of Justice decided to fix this case and added a corresponding punishment in the form of a fine of 3,000 rubles to the draft of the new Code of Administrative Offenses. There is no doubt that the amendments will be adopted.

This means that in the very near future drifters, «checkers», «teachers» and other soldiers of the road front will be punished with a ruble. The main thing is that it does not work out as with Chinese xenon: there is a norm, but, unfortunately, no one is going to monitor its observance.