Electric car HIPHI Z: Futuristic design, aerodynamics and bad comfort


The Chinese startup of Human showed its second model, a large elefbeck with an electric power plant. While this is a concept, but the serial model will inherit 95 percent of the details from it.

Almost two years ago brand hiphi warrant about himself futuristic conceptual

Stylistically HiPhi Z is close to «ICSU», but there are even more broken straight lines and sharp faces, and the roof is made by «soaring» visually separated from the front racks. Doors, like the crossover, do not have a window frame and swim in different directions, but there are no additional checks on the roof, but there is another innovation: LED strips passing along the doors, inform others about their opening and operating mode of the electric drive. By the way, the latter is also equipped with rear anti-cycle, nominated either forced, or by reaching a speed of 80 km / h.

By itself, depending on the situation and the driver’s preferences, the large multimedia display is moving in the front panel center: it can have both horizontal and vertical orientation with a different inclination angle. Multimedia is based on a powerful Qualcomm 8155 chip with an unreal engine, but by the number of Liftbek displays is inferior to the crossover: there are no information screens before «navigator», nor before the driver, only at the corners of the panel there are monitors of the rear view cameras. Most likely, in mass form, the digital instrument panel will still appear, as well as traditional mirrors, the presence of which is still required by Chinese legislation.

However, all the inhabitants of a luxurious quadruple salon (although there will be a five-seater option), polished by LEDs, can be passengers, because, like HiPhi X, the novelty will receive a third-level autopilot with the ability to upgrade to the fourth. For autonomous driving, the NVIDIA ORIN-X processor and sensors have a total number 31, including lidar and two night vision cameras, and the main systems are duplicated, as in aviation. In order for the electronic mind to be easier to control the machine, not only the front wheels are made, but the rear, but there is little about the platform yet, as well as about the energy installation. It is possible that HiPhi Z will receive only one electric motor, and not two, like the «IKSA», — it will turn out closer to the spring.

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