Expert drivers named 5 criteria for choosing an excellent registrar


No registrar — no proof of innocence on the track. The roads are crowded, and going on the road without this small but necessary device is more expensive for yourself. We have collected for you the main criteria by which it is easy to choose the optimal model: not too expensive, but of high quality.

Continuous shooting will confirm that you did not cross a double line, did not drive through a red light, or interfere with pedestrians crossing the road in a zebra crossing. Today the stores are full of various DVRs, but life shows that not all of them are good. What to look for first of all?

This is the most important parameter of the recorder: the higher the resolution, the better. This will allow for detailed filming. He will «see» the numbers of the car going in front and the personal marks of the road accident participants. The record made with its help can be presented to the court as evidence.

Modern recorders are capable of filming in HD and even Full HD.

Resolution is measured in megapixels (Mp). The FullHD 1080p format with a resolution of 1920 × 1080p has a fairly good quality. It is enough so that small details are visible on the video, and the picture while driving is clear, not blurry.

Sometimes DVR manufacturers achieve a good resolution by simply enlarging the picture itself, which does not add new details and does not improve the image quality. It will be immediately noticeable if you turn on the recorder.

Any recorder is capable of working at night, but the quality of shooting differs greatly from model to model. Therefore, when buying, look at the photosensitivity. This characteristic is measured in lumens. The fewer the lumens, the better the night scene. The minimum indicator of light sensitivity for car DVRs is 0.1 lumens.

An important point:

It is very difficult to assess the quality of night shooting by the numbers from the registration certificate. It is best to personally check what kind of picture the video device gives in the dark, or ask the seller to show you samples of shooting made by the models you are interested in in the dark.

The model with multiple cameras allows you to record video around the perimeter of the car and in the cabin. With its help, you can simultaneously and continuously monitor the traffic situation and what is happening in the cabin.

The optimal fit protects your device from vibration while riding and holds it securely at top speed. The suction cups and double-sided tape options are less convenient than the magnet. Mounts are recommended to allow the camera to be fixed to the rearview mirror so that it does not interfere with the driver’s view.

Sometimes manufacturers indicate the diagonal viewing angle in the technical documentation: 120–170 °. It is more correct to calculate this indicator on the horizon. Then the optimal viewing angle is 80 °, the maximum is 115 °.

The car recorder operates on an on-board power supply with a voltage of 12-24 V. Prefer a model with a backup power source in the form of its own battery. It is important that shooting continues while charging.

Additional features make your device easier to use and more productive. But they should not interfere with the DVR to fulfill its main purpose — to record the traffic situation. The following functions are especially useful.

Radar detector

GPS informant

Motion Sensor

It is generally accepted that the main parameter when choosing a DVR is resolution. This is, of course, so. But correctly selected device parameters are not the highest resolution or a powerful processor, but well-balanced characteristics.