Ferry drivers are back in vogue?


In Russia, the unofficial delivery of cars from abroad is gaining popularity again. This follows from the report «Gazeta.Ru», compiled according to the service «Avito Auto».

The so-called «gray» delivery of a car means the purchase and delivery of a car by a private organization for a specific customer order. This implies that the machine has never been previously operated in the territory of the Russian Federation, and often does not even have technical certification for local legislative norms.

The service, once almost sunk into oblivion with the introduction of protective duties, mandatory installations of GLONASS and other non-obvious «protections of the domestic manufacturer», seems to be back in action. As the statistics show, in the period from January to October of this year, 2.5 times more citizens used such a service in Russia than in the same period last year. Unfortunately, this clearly indicates that against the background of the wild rise in prices for cars (and not only cars), the buyer is even ready to put up with a number of inevitable difficulties associated with this scheme. At a minimum, this is the inevitable installation of GLONASS, as well as the obligatory receipt of a certificate of safety of the vehicle design, customs clearance and other bureaucratic procedures designed to “not let” foreign equipment come to us at all costs on terms acceptable to the buyer. In addition, for a reasonable fee, today’s ferry companies are ready to take on all these things.

With the introduction of zero duties on electric vehicles in the Russian Federation, “gray” supplies of this type of transport have become especially relevant. In the hope of recouping expenses due to legal non-payment of duties, in recent months, Russians have been actively importing everything into the country — including unknown Chinese and even broken American electric cars.

The average rate for the service of picking up and importing a car from abroad is, according to Gazeta, 50-70 thousand rubles. Plus, about another 100 thousand for the aforementioned «clearing» of formal issues with the admission of the car to use on the roads. In total, whatever one may say, the accompanying costs of purchasing a dream car come out clearly less than if you do it yourself. But, of course, in this case there is no longer any question of any guarantee or after-sales support. Although, as practice shows, these words in the case of buying a car from an authorized dealer, with all its beautiful signs and free coffee, are often empty words.

It is also worth mentioning that recently we presented the gloomy statistics of Rosstat. It follows from it that for the last 7 years the Russian car market has not only stagnated, but also continues to decline. So, from 2014 to 2021, we lost 32% of the model diversity among cars and light commercial vehicles.