Ford invented the telescopic exhaust to improve the geometric flotation of the vehicle


In the United States, a patent was issued for a special design of the exhaust pipe, designed to improve the geometric cross-country ability of the vehicle. It’s as simple as everything ingenious: the pipe is retracted under the bumper.

The exhaust pipe is one of the most conservative elements of a car’s design, although recently the nozzles under the rear bumper are increasingly being made fake. But the experts at Ford have found a way to make this simple part advanced: the length of the pipe can be changed using a mechanism with an electric motor and a rack, which is moved by a small gear. As conceived by the developers, when approaching a difficult-to-pass area, the driver can activate an electric drive that will retract the branch pipe (the range of movement is up to five inches, that is, 127 mm), thereby increasing the departure angle and reducing the risk of tearing off the pipe. Having overcome the off-road, it will be possible to return the car to its original spectacular appearance, with exposed nozzles.

How justified is such a complication of the design is a big question, because the pipes can simply be shortened instead of supplying them with an electric drive. In addition, off-road conditions are in most cases not only difficult terrain, but also mud, and it is very likely that the telescopic mechanism located under the bottom will simply jam. Therefore, this invention does not look like a real way to increase cross-country ability, but rather like another tuning toy for those who do not know how else to decorate their car without being constrained in funds.

Photos are taken from open sources.

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