Geely youth crossovers will arrive in Russia under a new brand


The Chinese brand Lync & Co, the youth sub-brand of Geely, is announced in Russia — this is approved by the short-term strategy of Smart Geely 2025. Nothing is known about delivery dates, model range and pricing policy, but the Chinese have very ambitious plans.

3.65 million cars sold a year against today’s 1.5 million — this is Geely’s goal by the end of the next three years. To this end, Geely, in addition to the parent brand itself, has a whole army of newly minted brands: Geometry, Zeekr, Lynk & Co. And in order to keep up with the manufacturability of engines,

In addition to the already familiar electric traction, the Chinese want to seriously attend to even the methanol type of food — a topic that has been steadily (and unsuccessfully) raised by automakers and industry for more than a decade.

To date, the Lync & Co lineup for Europe includes 5 models: the 03 sedan, as well as multi-caliber crossovers with indexes 02, 05, 06 and 09. It is not yet clear which of this will come to us (first of all, most likely crossovers), but there is some success. at home, the youth sub-brand got hold of. So, at the end of 2020, the number of «Links» sold in China reached 175 thousand, and then the brand came to Europe — albeit with an emphasis on car sharing and subscription rental services.

Everyone seems to have long been accustomed to the abundance of new brands of Chinese cars that appear every year. But if ten years ago a new name from the Middle Kingdom caused a certain stir, today it rather confuses potential buyers. Yes, and the quality of the final product, although it made a giant leap in the last decade, still does not always keep up with the avalanche-like development of the automobile industry in China.

Yes, the perseverance and ability to follow the trends of the Chinese will not be denied. But in the face of daily growing competition from Asian compatriots, the continuing drop in income of citizens and our historical distrust of everything new — in Russia, the Chinese Lync & Co is likely to have a hard time.

According to the Russian office of Geely, the company is doing well. In October, 3,002 vehicles were sold, which is 49% more than in the same period in 2020. In just ten months of 2021, 19,653 Geely cars were sold in Russia. The absolute leader in Russian brand sales in October was the Coolray compact urban crossover,

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