GMC Sierra pickup on autopilot


An updated version of a full-size pickup is presented, which is closely related to the familiar to us


Another novelty is the AT4X version, which is positioned as off-road. Unlike the similar Chevrolet Silverado ZR2, this Sierra has standard bumpers and wheels from the regular AT4, but the suspension here is its own — with increased travel, original Multimatic DSSV springs and shock absorbers, which are distinguished by endurance when driving over rough terrain. In addition, there are electronically controlled lockable cross-axle differentials, power engine protection and a special mode of the Terrain Mode system, which allows you to drive at low speeds without touching the brake pedal.

A loss has occurred in the powertrain lineup: the naturally aspirated 4.3-liter V6 engine has been retired. Base 2.7-liter «four» with turbocharging with a capacity of 314 hp. significantly upgraded, as well as the eight-speed «automatic» with which it is combined, But the «older» engines, working in tandem with a ten-speed «automatic», remained unchanged: gasoline atmospheric V8 with a working volume of 5.3 and 6.2 liters give out 360 and 426 hp. accordingly, a three-liter in-line turbodiesel — 281 hp. In short, everything is like that of the same Silverado.

Chevrolet also borrows functional features, including the MultiPro tailgate transformation system with six configuration options. But the Sierra has its own exterior and interior design, and it has changed quite significantly. Outside — a new radiator grille without the previous «fangs», LED headlights with characteristic brackets for running lights and dynamic turn signals, inside — an immense front panel with narrow horizontal deflectors above the aforementioned display. There can be two or three seats ahead, the cab options, as before, three. Prices in the USA — from 32.5 thousand dollars for the simplest two-door pickup to 80 thousand for the luxurious Denali Ultimate with autopilot.