How to determine the malfunction in the color of exhausts.


While on the world stage, automakers are struggling for zero emissions and cutting a carbon trail, most Russian car owners with exhaust daily problems are more serious.

What if the exhaust pipe is releasing the soot or dripped condensate again? Or some exhaust smell of anything? It is possible to identify the breakdown and diagnose the status of the machine and on external signs, told Matador.Tech an auto mechanic.

Vladimir Kirzhatsky works in the eighth year service service and argues that the exhaust system, like a lactium paper, shows the state of the engine. In the color and smell of what the pipe leaves, it is possible to judge how high-quality fuel, poured into the tank, in what condition are the catalyst and gaskets of the cooling system, whether the piston rings are very worn.

Vladimir emphasizes:


Vladimir approaches one of the cars left for repairs, makes it and comments:

Many car owners saw how from the exhaust pipe of the immense car after turning the key in the ignition lock begins to flow into the black liquid. Once on the ground, it leaves dark traces. This is a condensate accumulated in the muffler. It is formed due to the difference in the temperatures of the walls of the muffler and air. After warming up the car, water pairs in cold air are settled on the metal surface. The process of formation of condensate cannot be prevented.

Why is it so black?

Water, emerging from the silencer, washes off the soot from its walls. Condensate is safe, his presence does not speak about the engine breakdown. But while in the silencer for a long time, it accelerates the emergence of corrosion. It is completely impossible to get rid of it, you can only reduce the rate of education: insulate the muffler or try to change gasoline to better.

And here is another «patient» — Vladimir turns the car, and from the tube clubs is brought by the Size smoke.

Size exhaust appears for several reasons. The most unpleasant — damage to the head of the cylinder block or the cylinder-piston group, which is why oil gets into the combustion chamber. In this case, dear repairs are to be.

Oil can fall into the wrong place and less large-scale reasons:

Noticing the SIZY exhaust, the car owner should hurry to the service for inspecting the motor. Vladimir makes emphasis:

In machines with turbocharging, the smoke of the SIZY shade may appear due to the turbine malfunction.

Another car is an old foreign car. After turning on the ignition from the pipe, black soot flies.

Vladimir explains it like this:

Almost on any exhaust pipe there is a little soot — this is a normal phenomenon. Annomally appearance of loose black soot. She talks about possible problems with piston rings. Ringing or cunning a rings occurs due to the fact that the piston channels accumulates the Nagar.

When rings lie, the piston is poorly adjacent to the cylinder and the gas from the combustion chamber partially flies into the crankcase. This leads to an increase in fuel consumption, overheating of the motor and rapid wear of rubber parts. If you leave everything as it is, the sleeve will appear on the sleeve and the skirt, there will be extraneous noises during the operation of the motor, and then it will generally fail.

What if you lay the rings in the engine?

You will have to remove the Nagar from the grooves. To do this, one of the options are suitable:

The mechanic also says that the most common cause of the formation of the sleeve on the exhaust pipe is the improper operation of the car or its refueling of the reached mixture.

The cars that would illustrate this breakdown, in the workshop now there. But Vladimir says that such a phenomenon is quite frequent.

Abundant white exhaust speaks of antifreeze in cylinders. Tosol turns out inside the motor due to the fact that the GBC gasket burned or broke. Noticing that the exhaust became thick and light, it is necessary to immediately stand out and check the level of coolant. If there is a breakdown, it gradually decreases. In the cold season, a thick white smoke accompanies each second car. This does not talk about defects in the engine. But if the air temperature is higher than +10 ° C, the white exhaust should alert the owners of both diesel and gasoline cars.

Vladimir calls additional signs of antifreeze to cylinders:

What else there are ways to detect a breakdown?

Take a white napkin, boot the motor and bring the fabric for a couple of minutes to the exhaust pipe. If antifreeze is seeping into the cylinder, bluish or yellowish stains with sour smell will appear on the napkin.

And what to do?

In this case, the car needs urgent and expensive repairs. Well, if it works out to do the replacement of the GBC laying. In the unfavorable case, you will have to change the whole head.