Hyundai’s new development will allow cars to park perpendicularly



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At the moment, the maneuverability of cars is limited by the mechanical steering system, because the front wheels cannot turn more than 30 degrees. The problem of insufficient steering angle of the front wheels is partly solved by the fully-steered chassis, but even

The advantages are obvious — parallel parking will cease to be a problem, since the electric car will be able to move perpendicularly and enter any suitable “pocket”. In addition, a circle with a radius equal to half the vehicle’s length will be sufficient to make a U-turn. First of all, the new development will be useful in areas where maneuverability is critical — for special services, suppliers and couriers.

It is worth noting that automakers are already experimenting with non-standard wheel angles and corresponding modes on serial electric vehicles — which is

According to the developers’ calculations, the super-maneuverable electric cars Hyundai, Genesis and Kia may go on sale in 2023, and by 2025 they will bring to mind an autopilot that will be able to make the most of the modular wheels. Since the abandonment of mechanical steering and braking systems is a matter of the near future, similar units are likely to appear in other automakers as well. The innovative technology also has an unexpected side effect — designers will be able to maximize the wheelbase of electric vehicles, which means the overhangs will be reduced to a minimum, and the design of the transport of the future will be very unique.

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