Jeep at SEMA 2021: three-row Wrangler, bronze Grand Cherokee and 54-year-old Kaiser


The off-road brand has traditionally been one of the protagonists of the main American tuning show. This time, four conceptual «Jeeps» will debut here at once.

Jeep Grand Cherokee L Breckenridge can be called a concept with some stretch, because almost all the modifications that have undergone the usual long-wheelbase «Grand»

The same bronze is also present in the salon, trimmed with the most delicate leather of the Atmospheric Blue Palermo shade, where all conditions are created for comfortable movement of six people in three rows of seats. Nothing is said about the powertrain, but it would be strange if the top-end 5.7-liter V8 engine with 362 hp is not under the hood.

Jeep Wrangler Overlook is related to «Grand» lack of information about the engine and a three-row layout, achieved thanks to a 12 inches (305 mm) lengthened rear overhang. This is almost the same recipe that Land Rover recently used for the elongated Defender, although, unlike it, in this case we are not talking about conveyor prospects. It’s a pity: the car looks very harmonious, the removable plastic roof at the rear is raised by 5 inches (127 mm), and the superstructure has windows for passengers sitting in an amphitheater. The picture is complemented by original bumpers (front — with a winch), additional light and BFGoodrich KM3 off-road tires with an outer diameter of 37 inches.

The same tires, mounted on beadlock rims, are found in another Wrangler, with distinctive blue accents in the design. They are in the Jeep hierarchy assigned to rechargeable hybrids, and the conceptual Wrangler 4xe is designed to convince the public that electric motors and off-road are compatible.

It differs from the serial hybrid, in addition to the aforementioned wheels, an upgraded suspension with Fox shock absorbers and a two-inch lift, roll bars instead of conventional doors and the presence of all kinds of accessories, such as a large retractable trunk in the trunk. Its lid hinges are reinforced to withstand a heavy «spare», the interior is finished with waterproof materials, and the floor has drain plugs, just like in a bathtub.

But the most unusual exhibit was the restomod, built on the basis of the 1967 Kaiser Jeep M275 army ambulance. Its bodywork remained the same, except for the fenders, which had to be extended due to wheels with 40-inch tires, but the frame was strengthened, and springs were installed in the suspension instead of springs.

Under the hood is a 6.4-liter V8 Hemi engine with a capacity of 485 hp, and an ammunition box was adapted under the pedestal for the automatic transmission lever.

But the purpose of the vintage car is extremely peaceful: there is something like a car shop at the rear of the body, and in order to stand there at full height, the roof can be raised by 16 inches (405 mm). Of course, no one is going to mass-produce such a temperamental shop.