Kia Ceed 2022 model year: how much prices have risen


The price list for the 2022 model year five-doors with a modified powertrain lineup has been announced. About the same thing happened with «Sid» as a couple of days ago with the model

The starting figure increased by exactly 100 thousand rubles, from 1,464,900 rubles. up to RUB 1,564,900 for the hatchback in the Comfort configuration with a 1.6-liter 128-horsepower engine. But let’s not forget that a manual transmission was retired from the assembly line of the Kaliningrad Avtotor, for which they asked for 40 thousand less than for a six-speed “automatic” — therefore, the real difference in price is only 60 thousand. We will also take into account the changes in the equipment list: earlier in the «Comfort» there was no eight multimedia display and a rear-view camera, but now these positions are offered by default, like the automatic transmission. Otherwise, everything is almost the same as before:

The surcharge for a station wagon body with a capacious trunk is 40 thousand rubles, and the Proceed sports station wagon is excluded from the Russian range, as promised, due to low demand. But the GT Line and GT Line + versions have been added to it: these cars differ from others by the original body kit, sports front seats, metal pedals, black headlining and original 17-inch wheels — of course, light-alloy wheels. But the main thing is that only such cars are equipped with a new 1.5-liter turbo engine with a capacity of 150 hp. with. in a block with a seven-speed robotized gearbox, which replaced the 1.4-liter unit. Prices — from 1,979,900 rubles for a richly equipped GT Line hatchback to 2,179,900 rubles for a GT Line + station wagon, additionally equipped with a digital instrument panel, electric drives for the driver’s seat and a set of Drive Wise electronic assistants.

Intermediate versions Luxe, Prestige and Premium with a naturally aspirated engine and automatic transmission have changed insignificantly and have risen in price moderately. Luxe (1,614,900 — 1,654,900 rubles) offers:

In the performance of Prestige (1,724,900 — 1,774,900 rubles), the following are added to the list:

Finally, the Premium package (1,869,900 — 1,939,900 rubles) is:

In addition, this version will receive the expanded functionality of Kia Connect, where information about cameras, traffic jams and other useful things will be added to information services and control of some functions from a smartphone. Orders are already being accepted, the cars are promised to be delivered to the first customers on November 15.