Korean premium brand crossover called the car of the year 2022 «


The American magazine Motor Trend called the new crossover Korean Premium Brand «Car of the Year 2022» in the SUV category. GV70 was able to bypass the six Americans, German and a friend of our compatriot.

For the young brand Genesis, this is no longer the first victory in a prestigious competition: In 2019, the Americans celebrated similar awards, only in the «passenger» category, sedan

The original design that Genesis is not attempting to copy American, Japanese or European cars, but the price for practical Yankees has become a decisive factor for practical Yankees. GV70 is somewhat cheaper than their «classmates» (first of all it

Much more accessible by another cute «Korean», published in the final, but giving the «Semesey»:

Here you can once again bother Americans for lacking patriotism, but for them it is familiar: since 1999, only two domestic models, GMC Envoy (2002) and

Photos taken from open sources.

It is interesting: