Land Rover Defender is ready for large families


Images of the new version of the British

Long gone are the days when the numbers for the Defender modifications corresponded to the length of the wheelbase in inches. The current

It will be strange if, with such dimensions, the Defender 130 does not receive a third row of seats, moreover, a full three-seater. That is, the capacity will reach eight seats, or even nine if there is an additional center seat in front — this option is provided for the base model. However, with the positioning, which is predicted for the long «Def», the riders are unlikely to be forced to squeeze in: it is assumed that this version will be offered exclusively in expensive versions and with powerful engines, up to a 550-horsepower compressor V8. The main thing here is to avoid competition with the new Range Rover, which the novelty is likely to also surpass in length.