Leaked database of 50 million car owners in the Moscow region is sold for $ 800


Names, dates of birth, phone numbers, VIN-codes of cars and their numbers, brands and models — the base of motorists can be bought for 800 dollars. The buyer promises information on car owners in Moscow and the Moscow region, registered from 2006 to 2020.

The database on the darknet was discovered by Kommersant on one of the forums specializing in the sale of databases and the organization of information leaks. The buyer will have access to 50 million rows of records.

Several versions of the leak are being considered:

Now all the data of Russian car owners and their cars is stored in the centralized Federal Information System. Previously, the data were shipped to their own databases of regional traffic police departments, but now they are being decommissioned.

With the development of digitalization, the issue of cybersecurity has become one of the most acute — as regular leaks show, the data of motorists is not sufficiently protected. In Russia alone, in 2020, the bases were drained three times. In August, information appeared on the darknet again about the drivers of the capital region — and it is still available for purchase. Then the Russian Union of Auto Insurers issued an official message, in which it denied the possible fact of leakage of information about car owners. The fact is that some lines in the database for sale are missing in the PCA databases — for example, the dates of the car registration and removal from the register. The insurance databases contain information about the number of the policy and the date of the conclusion of the insurance contract.

And from March 2022, medical certificates, which are required to obtain or renew a driver’s license, will be transferred to an electronic format. Thus, the data of drivers from medical organizations will also become vulnerable to leakage. They will be stored in the new Federal Healthcare Information System.