Lexus ES finally started selling in Russia.


In Russia, the real sales of the updated

If in August for ES, which received a new base power unit, a modified chassis and a touch multimedia display, a plank was installed at 3,132,000 rubles, now it was raised to 3,514,000 rubles, that is, 202 thousand. This cost of the ES 200 sedan with the more new two-liter motor with a capacity of 150 hp and the variator in the Comfort configuration, where are included:

Similarly, a staffed car, but with a 200-strong 2.5-liter engine and an eight-adjusted «automatic» will cost 3,722,000 rubles. It is only 4 thousand more than asked for the most affordable ES 250 in August, but the fact is that then it was about the configuration of the Advance. Now it is estimated at 3,836,000 rubles, and in the list of differences from «Comfort» mean:

All other versions were more expensive than four million. For 4,028,000 rubles Lexus ES 250 is available performed by F Sport, with original body kit, 19-inch black discs, special interior decoration and sport seats, but without induction charging. For 5,113,000 rubles, you can get the same package, but with a 3.5-liter «six», deformed for Russia from 306 to 249 hp (ES 350).

With the same two variants of the power unit, the top version of Luxury is offered, estimated at 4,828,000 and 5,496,500 rubles, respectively. In the extended equipment list:

The same complex relies on the execution of Premium, accessible only with a 2.5-liter engine. By configuration, such a car takes a niche between Advance and Luxury, and it is estimated at 4,395,000 rubles. Meanwhile, 190-strong sedan

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