Mercedes-Benz is preparing a new six-wheeled «Gelenevagen»: first photos


Austrian photo spies have revealed yet another bold project of Mercedes-Benz — the engineers of the «three-pointed star» are preparing a new six-wheeled «Gelenevagen»! The second generation of the three-axle truck has not been officially announced, but prototypes of the model were caught not just anywhere, but in the parking lot of the Magna Steyr plant in Graz, Austria — this is where all Geliks were born since 1979.

The prototypes of the six-wheeled monsters stand apart from the regular Mercedes-Benz G-Class, but are hidden by the same dense camouflage film. There is no pickup body, no portal bridges, no special tires yet: judging by the photographs, while testing mules with a conventional two-volume body, standard tires, a minor upgrade of the chassis (it looks like increased suspension travel) and, of course, an additional rear axle.

To debug the operation of a complex all-wheel drive system (with five differentials!), To introduce wheel pumping, to «make friends» with the six-wheel scheme the current 9-speed transmission and the 4.0-liter «biturbo-eight» volume will take time, so the latest Mercedes-Benz G 63 6×6 AMG may arrive in time for the end of the life cycle of a gasoline SUV and become its «swan song» before the start of dominance

Mercedes-Benz has a benchmark — the three-axle «Gelik» of the first generation debuted in 2013, came out with a circulation of 100 copies, cost about 900 thousand dollars (at the then exchange rate — from 29 million rubles), was distinguished by an exquisite four-seater saloon, finishing of the cargo platform with expensive wood, as well as an unrealistic curb weight — the pickup weighed 3.8 tons, and it was impossible to drive it without a «cargo» license.

Similar characteristics can be expected from the new six-wheeled SUV Mercedes-Benz, but engineers will hardly strive to surpass its predecessor in wheel size (outer diameter reached 940 millimeters), ford depth (1000 millimeters) or ground clearance (460 millimeters). In Stuttgart and Graz they realize that they are developing, in fact, a collectible special version, which needs an additional rear axle not to conquer the dunes, but to demonstrate the financial capabilities of the owner. After all, if the G-Class

Since more than three years have passed since the debut of the usual Mercedes-AMG G 63 of the current generation, and paying customers should not be bored, on the stage