Mitsubishi minivan: affordable luxury


In the fifth year of production, the Xpander model, produced in Indonesia, has been updated. The car became even more like an SUV, increasing in size, but remained a typical budget employee.

Both in terms of size and functionality, Xpander resembles our

Restyling is also intended to raise the degree of prestige, which made the Xpander look like modern Mitsubishi SUVs and pickups. The minivan received refreshed optics and a new body kit, which increased its overall length by 12 centimeters at once, to 4595 mm, and the ground clearance increased to 220 mm for the variator version and up to 225 mm for the modification with «mechanics». The wheels can now have 17-inch dimensions in the top version instead of the previous 16-inch, and in the salon of expensive versions — a new front panel, a multifunctional steering wheel with a round hub, a climate control unit with a display and an electromechanical parking brake button.

The infotainment system has been redesigned with new USB ports and additional storage capacities in the cabin, making the Xpander even more versatile than ever before. On the other hand, now the lack of all-wheel drive seems even more strange, but this is not our concern: no one is going to sell the model in Russia anyway.

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