Modification of Mercedes-Benz base GLE


Mercedes-Benz has finalized the basic GLE 300 d 4Matic crossovers — in Europe, from November 2021, diesel «three hundredths» will receive an improved power plant and a different all-wheel drive system. The familiar OM 654 M 2.0-liter turbo four (272 horsepower, 500 Nm) received an exhaust system with a modified catalytic converter, and now the engine is complemented by a 48-volt ISG starter-generator. The electric motor adds 20 horsepower and 200 Nm during acceleration and helps the start-stop system work.

The press service of Mercedes-Benz claims that the updated GLE 300 d 4Matic and GLE 300 d 4Matic Coupe «consume significantly less fuel» compared to non-hybrid predecessors, but does not provide specifics. If we compare the data on diesel consumption in the combined cycle WLTP, then the savings are from 10 to 16 percent! The fact is that for the usual GLE 300 d 4Matic, a consumption of 6.1-7.5 liters per 100 kilometers is declared, and before electrification, a crossover with an identical index consumed 7.1-8.3 liters per 100 kilometers according to the same measuring cycle.


Electrification is not the only technical upgrade to the European GLE 300 d 4Matic family. Until recently, the base GLEs had the old 4Matic system with a symmetrical center differential and 50:50 thrust distribution. Now the four-wheel drive will be implemented differently: even the «300th» GLEs will receive an electronically controlled multi-disc clutch for connecting the front wheels, which is capable of «throwing» back up to 100% of the torque. Mercedes-Benz claims that a more advanced all-wheel drive system will improve the crossover’s safety and agility. Changes in the gearbox have not been reported, which means that the 9G-Tronic “automatic” remains the same.

The updated Mercedes-Benz GLE 300 d 4Matic and GLE 300 d 4Matic Coupe will be available from German dealers from November. A crossover with a regular body costs from 75 thousand euros (from 6.15 million rubles), a coupe-like one is more expensive by about four thousand euros (330 thousand rubles). It is not yet clear whether moderate hybrid diesel Mercedes-Benz will appear in Russia. We do not sell the GLE cross-coupe in the basic version 300 d 4Matic, and the usual GLE 300 d 4Matic costs from 6.4 million rubles and is a regional bestseller, which means that the design complication (and price increase), marketers will try to avoid.