New EVs are «dirtier» than ICE cars — Volvo’s verdict


The Swedish automaker compared the carbon footprints of a conventional car and an electric car. The comparison is correct, since we are talking about different versions of the same crossover.

As is known,

The speed at which the proverbial carbon footprint of a conventional car is catching up with the one that created an electric car before it even started is highly dependent on energy sources. According to the Swedes, if these are traditional sources, that is, thermal power plants, the harm done to nature is compared after 110 thousand kilometers, and when using electricity from renewable sources (solar panels and wind turbines), the mileage is reduced to 50 thousand kilometers. Only after this does the electric car become really cleaner than the car, and then without taking into account the harm caused to the environment by the same wind turbines.

It is interesting: