New Exeed TXL for Russia: prices, configurations, innovations


The premium division of the Chery brand has presented a new version of the Exeed TXL crossover for Russians, for which, according to dealers, in the trade-in


Let’s start with the main thing.

The car has risen in price: the last modification started at 2,250,000 rubles, that is, the price tag increased by at least 450,000. However, in our time, the worst could be expected. A good bonus is a 7-year warranty, or 200 thousand mileage. And it’s good that the Chinese premium has not yet been taxed on luxury.

Sales began on October 28th. They say that living cars are already in car dealerships

By design, the Chinese are now at the peak of manufacturability: the best specialists work for them, and the cars themselves in the domestic market have gone far ahead in many ways. Therefore, the one-year-old Exeed TXL looks super modern, while not changing much compared to its predecessor.

The new model also has its own separate logo — recall that at the start of sales in Russia, the car was decorated with a nameplate combined with the parent company in order to maintain recognition for Russians: Cheryexeed.

But not only does the inscription look normal now (the letters danced on the first cars) — now the letters are glowing, each has a separate LED element hidden.

It was:


All-round cameras in mirrors provide a higher resolution picture.

The main change in the interior is the new instrument panel: two combined 12.3-inch displays. And now the configuration can be changed — in the previous version of the car, such a function was obviously not enough, it was not for nothing that we then predicted this drawback as an item for restyling.

And that’s great news. The 1.6-liter turbo engine with 186 horsepower and 275 Nm of torque performed well on the first model in our test. 9.8 seconds to hundreds is a good indicator for a large crossover, 92nd gasoline remained on the recommended list.

Preselective Getrag 7-speed «robot» as a gearbox and four-wheel drive with a BorgWarner clutch connecting the rear axle (in 0.07 seconds) are standard equipment, as before. But instead of the traditional gear lever, now the selector is a great modern solution, which is gradually being adopted by all leading car brands.

The company calls the suspension comfortable — apparently, the swinging has been preserved, which Matador.Tech did not really like in the previous version.

Winter package, front seat ventilation, all-round visibility system, adaptive cruise control, forward collision warning system, blind spot monitoring, lane keeping system, danger alarm when opening doors — a gentleman’s, but still minimal set.

The first Exeed TXL in Russia was raw, and it’s not just an urgently coined name with crookedly stuck letters. Even despite the flaws, the car went well for a beginner, especially in the Chinese premium. The restyled version is exactly what this model should be. Despite the rise in price, the price remained competitive, so the forecasts for Exeed TXL are excellent.