New Range Rover will switch to hydrogen in just three years


Since Jaguar Land Rover’s long-term strategy

Autocar reporters emphasize that the hydrogen program does not mean abandoning funding for more conventional electric powertrains. The electrically powered Range Rover EV should debut in the same 2024 as its fuel cell counterpart, and BMW will be the partner of the British concern in the battery-powered SUV project! The expansion of cooperation is logical, because the Bavarians have already helped Land Rover in fine-tuning the gasoline Range Rover V, and the most powerful versions of the SUV received the German 4.4-liter V8 N63 engine.

As for the near future, in key markets (but not in Russia) they will rely on moderate hybrids with a 48-volt starter-generator — both petrol and diesel Ingenium turbo-sixes will be supplemented with an electric “add-on” that helps the internal combustion engine to accelerate and smoothes the work of the start-stop system. And in Europe, rechargeable hybrids P440e (440 hp) and P510e (510 hp) will appear — both versions will receive a battery with a capacity of 38.2 kilowatt-hours, they will be able to travel on electric traction up to 100 kilometers, and a 143-horsepower electric motor will be built into an 8-speed «Automatic» ZF. By the way, the configurator of the new Land Rover Range Rover in the UK is already