Not an ordinary caravan, I would live in it


One of the oldest manufacturers of campervans and campervans, the German Knaus, has announced an unusual Sudwind trailer for outdoor living. Absolutely all life support systems in it are powered exclusively by electricity. In addition, the camper has a smart battery, on which, according to the developers, the novelty can last one night.

The electrical system of the German brand Einhell, called the One Night Stand System, powers the lights, outlets, a water pump and a refrigerator without the need for a generator. However, as soon as the charge runs out, the battery will have to be charged from … the camping household network. Thus, the autonomy is very peculiar. Knaus loudly proclaims «freedom from gas cylinders and fuel cans», but, in fact, with such a power system, a mobile home will always be tied exclusively to organized parking lots with a central power supply.

The problem would be partially solved by using a solar battery, but, oddly enough, the manufacturer does not say a word about it.

Nevertheless, in terms of equipment and functionality, the conditionally autonomous Sudwind E.Power is in no way inferior to the base model — without the now fashionable prefix «electro». Judge for yourself.

Climate control with a remote control is responsible for a comfortable atmosphere. In the refrigerator, which is placed under the electric stove with two burners, the most perishable food can be placed. Behind a sliding curtain separating the main room, there is a double bed with individual reading lights and a bathroom with shower, toilet and a separate door. The kitchen has a full sink with faucet, while the living area has a cozy U-shaped sofa and dining table. There is even a TV and a nice glass rack for glasses and glasses. Of course, the entire possible volume of the mobile home is dotted with countless shelves, cabinets, compartments and drawers of all kinds.

Nevertheless, despite all the benefits provided to its inhabitants, the usefulness of the electric version of Sudwind can be greatly questioned. Even if we ignore the exorbitant price (there is always a buyer), it is difficult to talk about the objective advantages of E.Power, which requires a constant household power supply. Traveling with such a wagon from camping to camping, consoled only by the fact that you are in trend and being content with «autonomy» in one night? Perhaps. But we in Russia are definitely not in danger.

The novelty should see the light of day in 2022.

The pandemic, with its lockdowns, has led to a boom in mobile homes and a flourishing of engineering ideas in this segment. Both Western and our manufacturers and developers have offered many interesting options over the past couple of years. For example, a Nizhny Novgorod motorhome on wood or a space camper based on a loaf on a special order from Europe.