Original approach — Chevrolet Corvette will now produce cars with different disks


The little-known Tuning company Aerolarri found an original way to make talk about herself without making special efforts. Everything that it took for this is to put on the left and on the right wheels of different designs.

At first glance, it looks like a mistake: there were two identical «Corvette» in service — and negligent mechanics when assembling simply confused wheels. In fact, there is a deep meaning in this: we never see the same car at once on both sides, so why should these parties be the same? Here is the masters and put the brutal five-spoke disks on one side, and on the other — openwork, with ten spokes scored from thin roths.

It is noteworthy that the front and rear wheels are different and dimension and design: rear — more massive, with additional elements. But for all geometric parameters, wrought disks standing on the same axis are, identical, they say tuningers, voicing the price — about 2.9 thousand dollars per set.

In principle, this experience can be useful not only to the owners of American sports cars, because no laws are forbidden to install different designs for one car if their dimension is approved by the manufacturer (clarify — speech only about disks, tires must be the same). Sometimes you can save, buying wheels not sets, but in pairs, but it is necessary to remember that not only the landing diameter and the rim width should match, but also other parameters, the main of which is the departure that is usually indicated as ET or offset. In addition, it is desirable that the mass of the wheels is close, but here a complete identity is not necessary, especially if you do not have Corvette, and Solaris or Vesta.