Popular GSM alarms: the choice of car enthusiasts


GSM signaling is a real breakthrough in the field of security systems. Devices of this type are still considered new. Few know how to choose them. We present to your attention two of the most popular models today.

If you follow technical innovations, you should know that now the most reliable way to protect a car from theft and entry into the passenger compartment is considered to be a GSM alarm. Its principle of operation is to send a signal over cellular networks. The peculiarity of the GSM signal is the ability to transmit over long distances. It will instantly reach not only the other end of the city, but also to another region.

Of course, the easiest way is to come to the store and purchase a ready-made kit. Firms selling such products often offer professional installation, give a guarantee for the product and installation.

Prepare to pay handsomely for quality and innovation. GSM signaling is one of the most expensive, especially if you buy products from famous brands. Are you ready to pay 20,000 rubles or more for the safety of your iron friend? Then choose from these premium models.

High-end model with a wide range of alarms and many useful features. Thanks to her, the owner of the car can hear what is happening in the car, being on the other side of the city. The alarm allows you to remotely start the car engine, turn on the air conditioner and generally turn on, turn off and block any systems in the car. At the same time, it has an economical power consumption. Pandora 5000 PRO is controlled by:

The model is suitable for any vehicles, including the highest class cars. She is the flagship of the Pandora company; many original solutions were used in its development. One of the most interesting features (hopefully you never need it) is the ability to talk to the hijacker in the car. During voice communication, you can try to convince the attacker to abandon their intentions and thus preserve their expensive four-wheeled property.

Starline B-94 appeared on the market in 2013, but is still popular, as it turned out to be reliable and maintainable. It is suitable for 300 car models, including those produced in our country. The alarm is cheaper than the previous one, but it has all the basic functions. With its help, the doors, hood, steering wheel, lever, gearbox are controlled at a distance. The device blocks the engine in such a way that the hijacker decides that the engine is faulty and stops trying to start it.

The GSM interface allows you to control the alarm from a smartphone and receive notifications on it. For ease of use, a special application has been developed for Android and iOS. To use it, you need to register on the online monitoring website and configure all the necessary parameters there.

Important! The application makes life much easier for the driver, because it saves Internet traffic.

Craftsmen who love to create high-tech equipment with their own hands from improvised means have figured out how to literally assemble a simple and economical GSM-set from spare parts sold in electronic equipment stores on their knees. Would need:

Reed switches need to be installed in places through which hijackers enter the passenger compartment: on the doors, hood, trunk. You can place the sensor at any place that you consider strategic. Then it remains to assemble a circuit that transmits a signal from a triggered sensor to the phone, and set up the device for a call. Organize the closure of its button by a reed switch and connect the power supply from the battery starter.

Advanced security GSM-kits not only guarantee vehicle protection, but also make life easier for the car owner, because they have many useful options. The main thing is to periodically check the performance of the assembled system and make sure that your phone’s SIM card does not run out of money.