Porsche has learned to print seats on a 3D printer — a novelty is already available to order


The innovative bucket seats are available as an option for all Cayman, Boxster and 911.

Porsche continues to develop additive technologies. German engineers

Of course, not the entire seat is 3D printed on a 3D printer — only the upper part is made using an additive method. The raw material for this unusual printing is a mixture of synthetic polymers based on polyurethane. The advantage over traditional buckets is that the 3D multi-layer chair is eight percent lighter, provides better lateral support and breathability, and the customer can customize the stiffness of the bed like a professional pilot.

Porsche test driver Lars Kern emphasizes that the new seats are close to the «buckets» of racing cars in terms of both ergonomics and comfort. The Porsche tester noted that with the new seats the seating position changes — the driver sits lower, the hips are fixed better, and passive ventilation is also impressive. Of course, the 3D seats are covered with non-slip material and are certified according to the German TUV regulations.

You can recognize chairs made using additive technology by the mesh structure of ventilation zones. All innovative seats are only available in gray and with a carbon fiber base, but the customer is free to change the stitching as well as the color of the inserts. At the start of sales, there are three colors (red, yellow and black), and from February, blue and gray will be available.

At the moment, bucket seats are only available for the new Porsche 718 Cayman, 718 Boxster and 911 (992 series), and you can order only the driver’s seat at a price of 2,677.5 euros (221 thousand rubles). However, from February, the novelty will appear in the Exclusive Manufaktur online configurator and all owners of Cayman / Boxster generations 981 and 982 will be able to change the driver’s (and / or passenger’s!) Seat, as well as owners of 911 in the previous 991 body — after preliminary fitting, the process will take only a few minutes … It is curious that on those Porsches that have been released since December 2020, you cannot change the passenger seat to a lightweight one.

At Porsche, we are ready to further develop the area of seat customization. In the future, they plan to remove tags from buyers of sports cars, which will allow the manufacture of anatomical chairs, taking into account the individual characteristics of the physique.

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