Rolls-Royce will soon have its first four-wheel drive sedan


The new Rolls-Royce Ghost was promised a shocking version of the Black Badge.

Rolls-Royce has announced the debut of another model in the Black Badge line. The name is not said directly, but the teaser shows the front part of the future novelty, and there can be no doubt that the «very black» version will appear in

Since the Ghost is very close to the Cullinan SUV in terms of technology, the similarities will probably remain in the «blackened» versions. This means that the special version of the Ghost will receive a 6.75-liter twin-turbo V12 engine boosted to 600 horsepower (+29 horsepower) and 900 Nm (+50 Nm), a sports exhaust system, a recalibrated suspension and upgraded brakes (possibly an increase in the diameter of the brake discs) … In fact, the shocking Ghost Black Badge will be the first Rolls-Royce sedan with all-wheel drive, full-steering chassis and driver’s accents.

There is no need to wait for revelations from the exterior: the distinctive features of the Black Badge line are black decorative elements (radiator grille, glass edging, logos, door handles and moldings), special anthracite rims, as well as a special deep dark body color. If desired, the owner can order a bright contrasting stripe on the body and paint the brake calipers red or turquoise.

The owner will be able to personalize the Ghost Black Badge salon, and this is not only about finishing materials. Among the unusual «chips» of the novelty —

All the characteristics of the new Rolls-Royce Ghost Black Badge will be revealed on October 28, with a slight delay, price lists will be published, including those for Russia. It is worth noting that the first model of the Black Badge line appeared five years ago, but the popularity of «very black» versions is constantly growing, and at the moment about 27% of buyers of new Rolls-Royce are ready to pay extra for gloomy decor and a forced engine.

Significantly, the majority of Black Badge owners are young, and Rolls-Royce marketers are keen to make the British luxury brand more attractive to a new generation of wealthy customers. For example, in honor of the debut of Ghost Black Badge, renowned illustrator Mason London will unveil a new NFT token to showcase Rolls-Royce’s commitment to contemporary digital art.

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