Russian roads will inspect artificial intelligence


The state-owned company «AVTODOR», in the conduct of the federal and paid roads of the Russian Federation, attracted artificial intelligence to the analysis of road facilities. The technology was developed by road workers together with the «NTI Competence Center for Great MSI named after M.V. Lomonosov «with the participation of OZMK LLC.

According to the Russian newspaper, with reference to the representatives of Avtodor, the AI will detect and digitize:

The information will receive information from the devices placed on cars, which include the chamber, GPS module, microcomputer and light sensor. The device records video, geodata and the level of illumination in various weather conditions, the neural network analyzes the information and due to the specified algorithms determines defects. Based on geodata, a map with marked problems illustrated by photographs is built.

Due to the new algorithm, road builders will promptly receive information about the state of noise protection screens from various materials and violating warranty characteristics and plan their update.

It is interesting that starting in the «Autodore» decided precisely from noise protection screens, and not with more important infrastructure facilities like road signs, traffic lights, lanterns and markings. Theoretically, the algorithm is able to analyze them too. Perhaps the functionality of the new technology will be expanded in the future.