Smart traffic lights with adaptive control make Muscovites laugh


Traffic lights got lost and are calling for help, the artificial intelligence has realized itself and seeks to get in touch — such versions were suggested by the residents of the capital who noticed the call of the AU on the traffic lights. The acronym actually means adaptive control.

AU says that a smart traffic light, instead of automatically counting the set time interval before switching, monitors traffic and adapts to the situation. If the flow of cars is large, then the green signal will light up less often for pedestrians and at shorter intervals. If there are few cars, the priority will be given to pedestrians. Well, the main “favorite” of smart traffic lights is, in theory, public transport, which needs to be provided with a “green corridor”. Data comes from traffic cameras, roadway sensors and other traffic lights, AI makes decisions.

Another function of a smart traffic light is to fight reckless drivers. Detectors in the asphalt measure the speed of passing vehicles, and in case of overspeeding, the nearest traffic light on the route changes the operating mode and turns on red. Such a system

Smart traffic lights work not only in Moscow — intersections with artificial intelligence are gradually appearing in all major cities of the Russian Federation.