Sollers holds UAZ on peace


«UAZ cannot create a new product,» such a statement during the online conference held by the publication «Business Online», made the head of the Sollers Automobile Unit Adil Shirinov.

More recently, we celebrated the 80th anniversary of the domestic manufacturer of SUVs, but before the age-old anniversary, he hardly lives, — this conclusion can be made from the words of Mr. Shirinov, famous for vivid statements. In particular, it is assigned to the phrase «Russian Prado»: a few years ago, the project was so unofficially called a deep modernization of the Ulyanovsky «Patriot». Today, the position changed to the diametrically opposite: there will be no Russian Prado, all works are minimized, the actual model range will not be more subjected to change. Cars will be released while they have demand in the current form, and then «there is a more competent decision», which the director obviously does not associate with UAZ. «It is necessary to allow it a natural way to go on peace,» the top manager answered the question about the possibility of upgrading the venerable «loaf», but it is very similar to these words and to the Ulyanovsk plant as a whole.

In such a spirit, Adil Shirinov spoke out about the prospects for the Volga motor plant, also owned by Sollers and the UAZ engines. Neither develop new engines nor modernize the old (previously voiced plans for equipping their turbocharging) are not planned. Equally, how to transfer ZMZ from the Nizhny Novgorod region to a new venture in Elabuga, where Ford engines will be produced: «We will not carry old technologies to a new plant.» It is with commercial «Fords» and with the new premium brand Aurus, the head connects the bright future of «Sollers»: how he declared earlier, the production of mass passenger cars does not bring big profits.

Whether the case is a piece release of limousines for VIP clients: «Aurus» widths devoted the bulk of his story, describing the innovation of the product, a high degree of localization, modern methods of organizing production and marketing. Everything goes to the fact that both the budget «loaf» and the unnecessary «Russian Prado» will change the minor Komendant, which is quite worthy of the title «Russian Cullinan».

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