Subaru electric car — a simplified clone of Toyota


The date 11.11.2021 will be a landmark in the history of Subaru — on this day, the Blue Pleiades showed their first mass-produced electric car.


Outside, Subaru Solterra looks modern, and the concept of the exterior with a hexagonal imitation of a radiator grille and «predatory» optics in the spirit of the times. The nuance is that the exact same crossover was already shown two weeks ago — the new Subaru is like two peas in a pod.

For a small company Subaru, cooperation with Toyota is an undoubted success, because the “blue galaxy” alone will hardly be able to finance the global electrification program for the model range. Subaru has problems with both hybrids and clean electric vehicles, so

The Subaru press service claims that the brand’s engineers were responsible for setting up the all-wheel drive, and the Solterra’s signature X-Mode off-road mode will become a feature of the Solterra. However, Toyota bZ4X also has all this, so the unique feature of the thrust distribution is no longer called. In addition, the base Solterra SUV will be front-wheel drive! Alas, the switch to electric platforms is forcing automakers to abandon their decades-old philosophy, so

One can get used to the fact that Toyota, as a «senior» partner, uses all the developments of Subaru. However, Solterra will not be offered the most extraordinary solutions that

Another cause for disappointment is the stereotyped interior. The distant digital dashboard, plump multifunction steering wheel and wedge-shaped door cards look unusual only if you forget that Toyota has everything the same, adjusted for other finishing materials.

There are no differences even in the calibration of electric motors: the front-wheel drive version of the Subaru Solterra will develop 204 horsepower, the all-wheel drive — 218 horsepower. The lithium-ion traction battery with a capacity of 71.4 kilowatt-hours has no alternative, so charging from the «supercharger» from zero to 80 percent will take half an hour.

It is curious that for the front-wheel drive Solterra, the autonomy of 530 kilometers is declared, although the exact same Toyota bZ4X will travel 30 kilometers less. Subaru does not explain such a difference in any way — maybe it is a matter of different settings, but the option with a measuring error cannot be ruled out. All-wheel drive modifications of both Subaru and Toyota have the same range of 460 kilometers on the WLTC cycle.

Both Toyota bZ4X and Subaru Solterra will enter the market in 2022. Marketers can help crossovers avoid competing with each other. The priority markets are Japan, China, the USA and Europe, so there is no reason to count on the imminent appearance of a Subaru electric car in Russia.

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