The assembly sites of AvtoVAZ in Togliatti stopped


All assembly lines were stopped in Togliatti today. The employees who came to work in the morning were dismissed to their homes, having fixed the payment of ⅔ of the daily wage. The press service of AvtoVAZ confirmed to the RIA Novosti agency that on November 12, the work of three lines of the conveyor was suspended, however, the plant stressed that there was no talk of a complete simple question — the production of engines, gearboxes, chassis, press and metallurgical shops continued to work according to the standard graphics.

AvtoVAZ noted that assembly production was stopped due to the semiconductor crisis, and interruptions in the supply of microchips will remain at least until mid-2022. A plant spokesman said that car assembly will resume from early next week, but insiders from Togliatti are of a different opinion. The public «Atypical AvtoVAZ» on the social network «Vkontakte» writes that there is a likelihood of extending non-working days from November 15, and all three assembly lines may be idle.

This week the assembly plants of AvtoVAZ already functioned with deviations from the schedule — for example, the Lada Granta family was assembled only on Tuesday, November 9, and the Lada Niva conveyor did not work for all five days (from November 8 to 12), and this despite the fact that SUVs are already in short supply, and sales of the three-door «Niva»

The only Lada model, which has been bypassed by problems so far, is Vesta. Sedans and station wagons are assembled at the Lada Izhevsk plant, and the conveyor in Udmurtia is operating normally.

AvtoVAZ does not lose hope of making up for lost time due to the work of assembly shops on Saturdays and the organization of nine-hour shifts, but for this the situation with the supply of chips from the counterparty «Robert Bosch Samara» should be normalized. However, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia does not share the auto giant’s optimism. Today, the deputy head of the department, Vasily Shpak, said in the Federation Council that the shortage of automotive components will only grow due to the rupture of supply chains.

The problem of the shortage of semiconductors hit not only AvtoVAZ. For example, Mercedes-Benz were forced to